Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Involved!

I think one of the great things about birding as a hobby is that anyone, everyone, can get involved and contribute to our knowledge of birds.  Citizen science also allows amateur enthusiasts to affect conservation and provides a learning opportunity.

What I want to mention is the North American Migration Count.  It's a lot like a CBC, an annual nationwide snapshot of bird abundance.  There are some differences.  For one thing, rather than a count circle, the NAMC runs at the county level.  The other important difference is that the NAMC occurs on only one day, the second Saturday of May.  This year, it's happening on May 14.  If you can be out in the field that day, consider joining in the count, and contact your local coordinator!  The link above lists all the county coordinators in Arizona.  Another thing to consider is birding a new area.  If you live in a county with a lot of birders, how about volunteering in an underbirded county like Greenlee, Graham, or La Paz?

Another way for Arizonans to get involved is to join in one of AZFO's Field Expeditions.  These are like super field trips, outings with a purpose, with some goal towards better understanding the status and distribution of Arizona's birds.  This May (21-22) there will be a backpacking trip to the Galiuro Mountains in southeast Arizona.  Who even knows what that could turn up!

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