Saturday, November 17, 2012

News Tidbits

This morning I came across a few interesting and relevant items in a newsletter from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

For one, over the next week the Bureau of Reclamation will be running an experimental high-volume release from Glen Canyon Dam.  The main purpose of this is to mimic natural flood events, and redeposit sediment from the river bottom to the banks, creating beaches and sandbars.  This is possible this year because of heavy flood events during the monsoon season which deposited large amounts of sediments into the Colorado from its tributaries.  The higher flow will mainly affect the Grand Canyon; after passing through that area, the water will be caught and stored in Lake Mead.  Although it doesn't directly affect the lower Colorado River, it's worth reading up on this effort here.

Another exciting bit of news is that the AZGFD has created an interactive map of Arizona showing land ownership, game management units, access and easements.  Check it out at

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